Public Holiday in Croatia in 2024

Public Holiday in Croatia in 2024
Sunset in a harbour in Croatia. Image by Richard Mcall , via Pixabay
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There are no upcoming dates for this event
  Dates of Public Holiday in Croatia
2024 Croatia Wed, Apr 17 National Holiday
2020 Croatia Sun, Jul 5 National Holiday

To allow voters to participate in the Parliamentary elections.

April 17th 2024

Parliamentary elections are being held in Croatia on April 17th 2024 to elect the members of the 11th Sabor. Prior to the elections, the government consisted of a coalition of the Croatian Democratic Union and Independent Democratic Serb Party, with parliamentary support of five national minority MPs, two MPs from the Croatian Social Liberal Party and Croatian Demochristian Party, and one independent MP, Silvano Hrelja. 

The Croatian Parliament (the Sabor) is the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Croatia. Under the terms of the Croatian Constitution, the Sabor represents the people and is vested with legislative power. The Sabor is composed of 151 members elected to a four-year term based on direct, universal and equal suffrage by secret ballot.

The 151 members of the Croatian Parliament are elected from 10 geographical and two special electoral districts.

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