Holy Week Holiday in Costa Rica in 2025

Holy Week Holiday in Costa Rica in 2025
  How long until Holy Week Holiday?
Holy Week Holiday
  Dates of Holy Week Holiday in Costa Rica
2025 Apr 14, Apr 15, Apr 16
Costa RicaWed, Apr 16Government Holiday
Costa RicaTue, Apr 15Government Holiday
Costa RicaMon, Apr 14Government Holiday
2024 Mar 25, Mar 26, Mar 27
Costa RicaWed, Mar 27Government Holiday
Costa RicaTue, Mar 26Government Holiday
Costa RicaMon, Mar 25Government Holiday
2023 Apr 3, Apr 4, Apr 5
Costa RicaWed, Apr 5Government Holiday
Costa RicaTue, Apr 4Government Holiday
Costa RicaMon, Apr 3Government Holiday
2022 Apr 11, Apr 12, Apr 13
Costa RicaWed, Apr 13Government Holiday
Costa RicaTue, Apr 12Government Holiday
Costa RicaMon, Apr 11Government Holiday
2021 Mar 29, Mar 30, Mar 31
Costa RicaWed, Mar 31Government Holiday
Costa RicaTue, Mar 30Government Holiday
Costa RicaMon, Mar 29Government Holiday

Public sector workers have been given all of Holy week as a holiday to encourage domestic tourism

Note that Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are public holidays in Costa Rica, so these holidays are given to public sector workers for the rest of the week before Easter.

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