Independence Day Holiday in Chile in 2021

Independence Day Holiday in Chile in 2021

  How long until Independence Day Holiday?
Independence Day Holiday
  Dates of Independence Day Holiday in Chile
2023 Chile Mon, Sep 18 National Holiday
2022 Chile Sun, Sep 18 National Holiday
2021 Sep 17, Sep 18
ChileSat, Sep 18National Holiday
ChileFri, Sep 17National Holiday (additional day)
2020 Chile Fri, Sep 18 National Holiday
2019 Chile Wed, Sep 18 National Holiday

As Independence Day falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be a national holiday.

  Local name
Día de la Independencia
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Independence Day in Chile in 2021

As Independence Day falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be a national holiday.

When is Chilean Independence Day?

This public holiday is always celebrated in Chile on September 18th and marks the date when the Chilean people declared independence from Spain in 1810.

It is Chile's National Day and along with Christmas, this period is the most important holiday time in the year in Chile.

History of Chilean Independence Day

On September 18th 1810, Chile broke from Spanish rule, declaring their independence. The Spanish had ruled Chile since the middle of the 16th Century. The movement to independence had been driven by other South American countries revolting against colonial rule, the French and Spanish warring in Europe and the appointment of an unpopular Governor in 1808.

While Chileans celebrate their independence on September 18th, their declaration in 1810 was the start of a long struggle and the Chilean war of Independence lasted for eight years before Chile could officially proclaim independence on February 12th 1818. Indeed, it wasn't until 1826 when the last Spanish troops holding out on a remote island finally surrendered to Chilean forces.

Did you know?

At 7,500 feet, (2,286 metres) above sea level, Chile’s Atacama Desert is the driest place on Earth.

With Independence Day being immediately followed by another public holiday (Day of the Glories of the Chilean Army), the whole week around these two days tends to be a period of celebration. Many schools and some companies will declare a week-long holiday.

The events around the struggle for Independence are remembered with the 'Fiestas Patrias' (national parties). These fiestas include parades (often including 'huasos', the traditional Chilean cowboys), dancing, partying, traditional Chilean food, and displays of national pride.

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