Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad in 2024

Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad in 2024
General Idriss Déby has been President of Chad since 1990.
  How long until Freedom and Democracy Day?
Freedom and Democracy Day
  Dates of Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad
2025 Chad Mon, Dec 1 National Holiday
2024 Chad Sun, Dec 1 National Holiday
2023 Chad Fri, Dec 1 National Holiday
2022 Chad Thu, Dec 1 National Holiday
2021 Chad Wed, Dec 1 National Holiday

Celebrates President Idriss Déby taking power on December 1st 1990.

When is Freedom and Democracy Day?

Freedom and Democracy Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Chad on December 1st each year.

This holiday commemorates Idriss Déby becoming the President of Chad on this day in 1990.

History of Freedom and Democracy Day

Hissene Habre became the President of Chad in 1982 during a particularly turbulent period in the country's history with military rule, civil war and a war with Libya all contributing to the instability.

Even within his base support, there was dissension with Habre's rule. In 1989, one of his leading generals, Idriss Déby defected and left for Sudan to begin a campaign to oust President Habre.

A shrewd tactician, Déby had been Habre's chief-of-staff, leading a series of victories over rebel forces in the 1980s and earning a reputation for courage and military prowess.

This made Déby a formidable opponent and on December 1st 1990, he toppled Habre in a coup supported by the French secret service and became the 6th President of Chad.

After six years in office, he set up Chad's first multi-party political system and won elections that year, gaining 69% of the vote in the second round of voting.

Déby remained as Chad's president for over 30 years; having survived several rebellions and winning a fifth term in office in the elections of April 2016.

Déby died in April 2021. The country is ruled by a transitional military council, led by his son Mahamat Kaka.

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