National Heroes' Day in Cayman Islands in 2020

National Heroes' Day in Cayman Islands in 2020
  How long until National Heroes' Day?
This holiday next takes place in 10 days.
  Dates of National Heroes' Day in Cayman Islands
2022 Cayman Islands Mon, Jan 24 National Holiday
2021 Cayman Islands Mon, Jan 25 National Holiday
2020 Cayman Islands Mon, Jan 27 National Holiday
2019 Cayman Islands Mon, Jan 28 National Holiday
2018 Cayman Islands Mon, Jan 22 National Holiday
Honours the contributions and accomplishments of deserving Caymanians. A holiday since 2003

When is National Heroes Day in Cayman Islands?

National Heroes Day is a public holiday celebrated in the Cayman Islands on the fourth Monday in January.

Unlike other National Heroes Days in the Caribbean, the same people aren't celebrated on this day each year.

Instead, a committee comprised of public and private sector representatives meets to chose the theme for the following year's holiday.

Different award categories are then established with the public able to nominate suitable individuals. The National Heroes Day committe then decide on who are deserving recipients of the awards.

The theme choosen for 2017 is Tourism, honouring the important role that business sector plays in the economy of the Cayman Islands.

The 2016 theme was agriculture with over 300 people being honoured for their contribution to farming in the Cayman Islands.

National Heroes Day has been a public holiday in the Cayman Islands since 2003.

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