Constitution Day in Cayman Islands in 2024

Constitution Day in Cayman Islands in 2024
  How long until Constitution Day?
Constitution Day
  Dates of Constitution Day in Cayman Islands
2025 Cayman Islands Mon, Jul 7 National Holiday
2024 Cayman Islands Mon, Jul 1 National Holiday
2023 Cayman Islands Mon, Jul 3 National Holiday
2022 Cayman Islands Mon, Jul 4 National Holiday
2021 Cayman Islands Mon, Jul 5 National Holiday

Honours the first written constitution for the islands, which came into effect on July 4th 1959

The first Monday of July is Constitution Day in the Cayman Islands. This is the National Day of the Cayman Islands, an autonomous British overseas territory located in the Caribbean.

This public holiday commemorates the passing of the islands' first constitution on July 4th 1959. Amongst other changes, the constitution gave women the vote.

The date also marks the adoption of the coat of arms.

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