Youth Day in Cape Verde in 2024

Youth Day in Cape Verde in 2024
Children playing soccer at sunset on Tarrafal beach. Image via Deposit Photos
  How long until Youth Day?
Youth Day
  Dates of Youth Day in Cape Verde
2025 Cape Verde Sun, Jun 1 National Holiday
2024 Cape Verde Sat, Jun 1 National Holiday
2023 Cape Verde Thu, Jun 1 National Holiday
2022 Cape Verde Wed, Jun 1 National Holiday
2021 Cape Verde Tue, Jun 1 National Holiday

A day to honour the importance of youth in the future prosperity of Cape Verde

  Local name
Dia da Criança
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When is Youth Day?

Youth Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Cabo Verde on June 1st.

Youth Day (Portuguese: Dia da Criança) is a day to honour the role that young Cape Verdeans play in the present and future prosperity of this African island country.

History of Youth Day

The last census in Cape Verde revealed that half the country's population is under 24 years old. This places the Cape Verdean youth at the centre of public policies, which the government has identified and given proper attention to.

Established on June 1st 1950 by the United Nations (UN), at the request of the International Democratic Federation of Women, World Children's Day aims to point out that every child must have their rights recognized, regardless of sex, race or creed.

Moldova, Mongolia, Romania and Uzbekistan are the other countries that observe a public holiday on International Children's Day.

Note that the UN's International Youth Day is August 12th, though several countries observe a Children's Day or Youth day on different dates to either International Children's Day or International Youth Day.

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