Youth Day in Cameroon in 2024

Youth Day in Cameroon in 2024
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  How long until Youth Day?
Youth Day
  Dates of Youth Day in Cameroon
2024 Cameroon Sun, Feb 11 National Holiday
2023 Cameroon Sat, Feb 11 National Holiday
2022 Cameroon Fri, Feb 11 National Holiday
2021 Cameroon Thu, Feb 11 National Holiday
2020 Feb 10, Feb 11
CameroonTue, Feb 11National Holiday
CameroonMon, Feb 10National Holiday (bridge day)

A public holiday to recognise and honour the role of young people to the future of Cameroon

When is Youth Day?

Youth Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Cameroon on February 11th each year.

The celebration of the holiday is intended to increase awareness and recognition of the significant role played by youth in the country.

History of Youth Day

Youth Day is an important day for this West African nation as the country has a large percentage of young people. According to the National Employment Fund (NEF), nearly 60% of the population is under the age of 25.

The date of February 11th was chosen to commemorate the referendum that took place on that day in 1961 which saw the southern part of British Cameroons decide in favour of joining newly independent Cameroon. The northern part of British Cameroons chose integration into Nigeria.

Youth Day has been a public holiday since 1966.

This holiday is celebrated with enthusiasm and vigour across the nation with planning meetings taking place beforehand for the numerous parades and sports events that mark the day.

The country's president traditionally makes a nationally broadcast speech on Youth Day, commenting on the achievements of the country's young people and outlining the government's plans to improve education and youth employment opportunities.

In 2019, the theme of the 53rd edition of National Youth Day was: "Youth, Great Opportunities and Participation in Building a Peaceful, Stable and Emerging Cameroon."

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