St. George's Day in Bulgaria in 2020

St. George's Day in Bulgaria in 2020
  How long until St. George's Day?
This holiday next takes place in 227 days.
  Dates of St. George's Day in Bulgaria
2021 Bulgaria Thu, May 6 National Holiday
2020 Bulgaria Wed, May 6 National Holiday
2019 Bulgaria Mon, May 6 National Holiday
2018 May 6, May 7
BulgariaMon, May 7National Holiday (in lieu)
BulgariaSun, May 6National Holiday
2017 Bulgaria Mon, May 8 National Holiday (in lieu)
St. George is the patron saint of Portugal, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia, and many cities across Europe
  Local name
Гергьовден, ден на храбростта и Българската армия

When is Bulgarian Army Day?

This official public holiday in Bulgaria is celebrated on 6th May.

Also known as Saint George's Day, Army Day honours Saint George, the patron saint of the Bulgarian armed forces. The feast day of Saint George is on 6th May under the Gregorian calendar.

History of Bulgarian Army Day

Bulgaria became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1396. In the late nineteenth century, a growing tide of nationalism had been spreading across Europe, which had been threatening the break up of the western parts of the Ottoman Empire.

In April 1876, uprisings in other parts of the Ottoman Empire spread to Bulgaria. The suppression of the revolts by the Ottomans was horrific and when the atrocities were made public to the West and Russia, international condemnation was widespread. In April 1877, Russia formally declared war on the Ottoman Empire. The war ended in March 1878 with the signing of the San Stefano peace treaty which created the independent state of Bulgaria.

On 22 July 1878, 12 battalions of volunteer units who had participated in the war, formed the Bulgarian armed forces.

6th May was officially pronounced as the Day of the Bulgarian Army in 1880, though it has only been marked with a national holiday since 1998.

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