State Rebellion Day in Brazil in 2024

State Rebellion Day in Brazil in 2024
Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in São Paulo, Brazil Image via Deposit Photos
  How long until State Rebellion Day?
State Rebellion Day
  Dates of State Rebellion Day in Brazil
2025 São Paulo Wed, Jul 9 Regional Holiday
2024 São Paulo Tue, Jul 9 Regional Holiday
2023 São Paulo Sun, Jul 9 Regional Holiday
2022 São Paulo Sat, Jul 9 Regional Holiday
2021 São Paulo Fri, Jul 9 Regional Holiday

São Paulo only. Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution of 1932

When is State Rebellion Day

State Rebellion Day is a regional holiday in the Brazilian state of São Paulo on July 9th each year.

This holiday marks the anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution of 1932. This was an uprising against the 1930 coup d’état when Getúlio Vargas attempted to become president.

History of State Rebellion Day

Vargas was supported by the military and the political elites but was unpopular with the general population.

The uprising began on July 9th 1932, after four protesting students had been killed by government troops in May. The state's insurrection never ignited a nationwide rebellion and Vargas crushed the revolt on October 2nd 1932. 

In spite of the defeat, some of the rebel's demands were granted by Vargas afterwards and the anniversary of the rebellion is the most important civic date in the state of São Paulo. Paulistas (as the inhabitants of São Paulo are known) consider the Revolution of 1932 as the greatest movement in its civic history. It was the last major armed conflict in Brazil's history.

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