São Paulo Anniversary in Brazil in 2022

São Paulo Anniversary in Brazil in 2022
Sao Paulo Skyline. Image by Thiago Gleite , via Pixabay

  How long until São Paulo Anniversary?
São Paulo Anniversary
  Dates of São Paulo Anniversary in Brazil
2023 São Paulo Wed, Jan 25 Regional Holiday
2022 São Paulo Tue, Jan 25 Not A Public Holiday
2021 São Paulo Mon, Jan 25 Regional Holiday
2020 São Paulo Sat, Jan 25 Regional Holiday
2019 São Paulo Fri, Jan 25 Regional Holiday

Marks the anniversary of the foundation of the city in January 1554.

São Paulo Anniversary in São Paulo in 2022

This holiday was brought forward to March 2021 as part of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

When is São Paulo Anniversary?

São Paulo Anniversary is a municipal regional holiday in the city of São Paulo on January 25th each year.

The holiday marks the anniversary of the founding of the city in the middle of the 16th century.

History of São Paulo Anniversary

January 25th is the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, recalling Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus in 36AD. It was on this day in 1554, that São Paulo (St. Paul) was founded as a religious mission and a Jesuit Royal College by priests José de Anchieta and Manuel da Nóbrega. 

Today São Paulo is the largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world. With over 12 million inhabitants, the municipality is also the world's 4th largest city by population.

Every year, the city of São Paulo promotes various commemorative attractions to celebrate the anniversary of the city; such as musical concerts, art exhibitions, and cultural spaces. 

On the day, there may be changes in the opening hours of municipal services and agencies. Generally, banks remain closed. Many private companies will continue to work on this day.

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