Public Holiday in Rio de Janeiro in 2024

Public Holiday in Rio de Janeiro in 2024
  How long until Public Holiday?
Public Holiday
  Dates of Public Holiday in Rio de Janeiro
2024 Nov 18, Nov 19
Tue, Nov 19Regional Holiday
Mon, Nov 18Regional Holiday

A public holiday in Rio de Janeiro due to the G20 summit taking place in the city.

The 2024 G20 Rio de Janeiro summit (Portuguese: Cúpula do G20 Rio de Janeiro 2024) is the upcoming nineteenth meeting of Group of Twenty (G20), a summit scheduled to take place at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro on 18–19 November 2024, the first G20 summit to be held in Brazil.

According to information issued by the newspaper “O Globo”, one of the ideas is to reduce movement in the city. Therefore, the city council has decided to declare local holidays on November 18th (Monday) and 19th (Tuesday) 2024. The idea is to change the national holiday for the declaration of the republic, November 15th, to Saturday and Sunday.

This local break will be followed by November 20th, which is also a holiday for Black Consciousness. Therefore, workers in Rio de Janeiro will have a real “break” with six days of rest. It is worth noting that this news is widely celebrated and many people are already planning the activities they will carry out.

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