Ragamuffin War Anniversary in Brazil in 2024

Ragamuffin War Anniversary in Brazil in 2024
  How long until Ragamuffin War Anniversary?
Ragamuffin War Anniversary
  Dates of Ragamuffin War Anniversary in Brazil
2025 Rio Grande do Sul Sat, Sep 20 Regional Holiday
2024 Rio Grande do Sul Fri, Sep 20 Regional Holiday
2023 Rio Grande do Sul Wed, Sep 20 Regional Holiday

Rio Grande do Sul. Marks the start of the Ragamuffin War in 1835.

On September 20th each year, Rio Grande do Sul, the most southerly state in Brazil bordering Uruguay and Argentina, celebrates the Farroupilha (Ragamuffin) Revolution, a civil uprising that began in 1835 when the state fought for independence from the rest of the nation.

The rebels were led by generals Bento Gonçalves da Silva and Antônio de Sousa Neto. Despite the support of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi, the gaucho-led revolt ended in 1845 with surrender, and Rio Grande do Sul remaining part of Brazil.

Even though the uprising resulted in defeat, the conflict is a source of regional pride, with partying across the whole of the state, although it’s in the capital Porto Alegre where the action really happens. For most of September, thousands of people camp out in the city’s Harmonia Park, recreating traditional gaucho lifestyles at the Farroupilha Camp.

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