Public Holiday in Brazil in 2024

Public Holiday in Brazil in 2024
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  Dates of Public Holiday in Brazil
2021 Mar 29, Mar 30, Mar 31, Apr 1, Apr 5
Rio de JaneiroMon, Apr 5Regional Holiday
São PauloMon, Apr 5Regional Holiday
Rio de JaneiroThu, Apr 1Regional Holiday
São PauloThu, Apr 1Regional Holiday
Rio de JaneiroWed, Mar 31Regional Holiday
São PauloWed, Mar 31Regional Holiday
Rio de JaneiroTue, Mar 30Regional Holiday
São PauloTue, Mar 30Regional Holiday
Rio de JaneiroMon, Mar 29Regional Holiday
São PauloMon, Mar 29Regional Holiday

Ten consecutive days of public holidays in order to contain the growth of the COVID-19 pandemic.

São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro observed public holidays from Saturday March 27th to Monday April 5th 2021 - ten days of public holidays including two weekends with which the city halls have tried to contain the strong advance of Covid-19.

São Paulo and Rio are the two cities hardest hit by the coronavirus, forcing the municipalities to bring forward several public holidays to stimulate social isolation to slow the spread of the pandemic.

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