Public Holiday in Bolivia in 2025

Public Holiday in Bolivia in 2025
Plaza Principal, Tarija, Bolivia. Image by Juan Alvaro , via Flickr
  How long until Public Holiday?
Public Holiday
  Dates of Public Holiday in Bolivia
2025 Tarija Tue, Apr 15 Regional Holiday
2024 Tarija Mon, Apr 15 Regional Holiday
2023 Tarija Sat, Apr 15 Regional Holiday
2022 Tarija Fri, Apr 15 Regional Holiday
2021 Tarija Thu, Apr 15 Regional Holiday

The city of Tarija commemorates the Batalla de la Tablada which was fought on April 15th 1817.

When is La Tablada?

La Tablada is a regional public holiday in the Bolivian city of Tarija on April 15th each year.

This holiday is the culmination of a series of festivals in the city and honours a notable victory against the Spanish Empire in 1817.

History of La Tablada

Tarija in southern Bolivia is one of Bolivia's oldest settlements. It was founded on July 4th 1574 by the conquistador Luis de Fuentes and was named in honour of Francisco de Tarija, who was the first Spaniard to visit the valley. At the forefront of nationalism in the region, Tarija declared independence from the Spanish rule in 1810.

While such declarations were ignored by the Spanish, this act of insurrection would lead to conflict, when on April 15th, 1817 at the Batalla de la Tablada, Tarija's citizens won a major victory over the Spanish forces. The 1817 victory at Tarija is seen as an important milestone in the country's history and is commemorated in the city with this public holiday.

After the War of Independence and despite interest from Argentina, Tarija opted to become part of Bolivia, which won its independence and formally established itself as a Republic in 1825.

Interestingly for the first 100 years after the battle, the battle was commemorated on May 4th. It was only when a historian made the correction that it was moved to April 15th.

Cultural festivals take place in Tarija during the entire month of April in what has come to be called the April Days of Tarija (“Los Abriles de Tarija”). The festival revolves around the La Tablada anniversary celebrations and the central event is held on April 15th and 16th.

Cultural events include concerts, dance and theatre. Other events throughout the month also include fairs and handcrafts as well as the traditional Livestock Show and Rodeo Chapaco.

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