Cochabamba Day in Bolivia in 2024

Cochabamba Day in Bolivia in 2024
Aerial View of the City of Cochabamba. Image by JH PLATA Filmmaker
  How long until Cochabamba Day?
Cochabamba Day
  Dates of Cochabamba Day in Bolivia
2025 Cochabamba Mon, Sep 15 Regional Holiday (in lieu)
2024 Cochabamba Sat, Sep 14 Regional Holiday
2023 Cochabamba Thu, Sep 14 Regional Holiday
2022 Cochabamba Wed, Sep 14 Regional Holiday
2021 Cochabamba Tue, Sep 14 Regional Holiday

The Day of the Cochabamba Department takes place on September 14th marking the second foundation of the city on that day in 1574.

  Local name
Día del departamento de Cochabamba

When is Cochabamba Day?

Cochabamba Day (Día del departamento de Cochabamba) is a regional public holiday in the Bolivian department of Cochabamba on September 14th each year.

History of Cochabamba Day

Cochabamba is a city in central Bolivia located in a valley in the Andes mountain range. It is the fourth largest city in the country and capital of the Cochabamba Department.

The city was part of the Incan empire when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. 

A new Spanish settlement, called Villa de Oropesa, was founded in August 1571 by order of Viceroy Francisco de Toledo, Count of Oropesa. The viceroy died in 1573 and for reasons that remain unclear to this day, a second foundation took place on September 14th 1574 by the conquistador Sebastián Barba de Padilla.

In 1786, Villa de Oropesa was elevated to city status in 1786 and adopted its name from Incan times, Cochabamba, meaning "a plain full of small lakes."

This second foundation is celebrated as the day of the city and department. It also gives the name to the square in the city where the events of 1574 took place - La Plaza 14 de Septiembre.

The official foundation of the Cochabamba Department took place on January 23rd 1826.

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