Blessed Rainy Day in Bhutan in 2019

Blessed Rainy Day in Bhutan in 2019
Temple in Bhutan. Image via Deposit Photos
  How long until Blessed Rainy Day?
This holiday next takes place in 70 days.
  Dates of Blessed Rainy Day in Bhutan
2021Bhutan Thu, Sep 23National Holiday
2020Bhutan Wed, Sep 23National Holiday
2019Bhutan Tue, Sep 24National Holiday
2018Bhutan Sun, Sep 23National Holiday
Marks the end of the monsoon and farming season and the beginning of the harvest season in Bhutan.
  Local name
Drukpa Tshe Zhi

The government first made this day a national holiday in the 1980s. The holiday was removed from the public holiday list in 2007. This change didn't last long - the Bhutan home minister promptly restored the holiday in 2008 as people still took the day off even when its status was non-official.

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