German Community Day in Belgium in 2024

German Community Day in Belgium in 2024
  How long until German Community Day?
German Community Day
  Dates of German Community Day in Belgium
2025 Liège Sat, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2024 Liège Fri, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2023 Liège Wed, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2022 Liège Tue, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2021 Liège Mon, Nov 15 Regional Holiday

Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium

When is German-speaking Community Day?

This regional holiday is celebrated on 15 November each year.

If 15 November falls on a weekend, the holiday is not moved to a weekday.

History of German-speaking Community Day

The German-speaking Community consists of two territories in the Belgian province of Wallonia.

The region was part of Prussia until 1920 but was annexed by Belgium after Germany's defeat in World War I and the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1989, there was a call for proposals for a flag and arms of the Community, given the special days focused on the Flemish and French-speaking communities.

A Decree adopted on 1 October 1990 and published on 15 November 1990 detailed the arms, the flag, the colours and the Community Day, which has been celebrated on 15th November ever since.

Schools close for the holiday, although some businesses may stay open.

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