October Revolution Day in Belarus

Belarus Public Holiday in Belarus

October Revolution Day is a national holiday in Belarus. It is observed on the 3rd July.
The Bolshevik by Boris Kustodiev

When is October Revolution Day in Belarus?

How long until October Revolution Day?
This holiday next takes place in 226 Days.
Dates of October Revolution Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Saturday November 7th
2019 Thursday November 7th
2018 Wednesday November 7th
2017 Tuesday November 7th
2016 Monday November 7th
2015 Saturday November 7th
1 Day
Local name
Dzień Kastryčnickaj revalucyi
Commemorates the Russian Revolution of 1917

October Revolution Day is a public holiday in Belarus. It is observed on 7 November.

It marks the Great October Socialist Revolution that began on 7 November 1917.

History of October Revolution Day in Belarus

The October Revolution was the second revolution that took place in Russia in 1917. In February 1917, revolutionaries in St. Petersburg, overthrew the Tsar resulting in his abdication and the end of the Romanov dynasty and the Russian Empire. Russian was put under the control of a provisional government under Prince Georgy Lvov.

After the February Revolution, 'Soviets' were created across Russia. The Soviets were worker's councils, popular due to disaffection with the ability of the provisional government to improve the conditions of workers.

Many leaders of the Soviets were Bolsheviks, which strengthened the Bolsheviks in Russia to the point where, led by Lenin, they initiated the October Revolution, an armed insurrection in Petrograd on 7 November 1917. This revolution established the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the world's first self-proclaimed socialist state.

Belarus is the only country that was part of the Soviet Union that still observes a public holiday to mark the October Revolution.

During the period of the Soviet Union, 7 November was a public holiday across the union and was one of the biggest state celebrations of the year.

In Russia, the day is a normal working day. The public holiday has been replaced by National Unity day, celebrated on 4 November.

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