Saint Leopold's Day in Austria in 2024

Saint Leopold's Day in Austria in 2024
Hofburg Imperial Palace at night, Vienna. Image by TTstudio , via Deposit Photos
  How long until Saint Leopold's Day?
Saint Leopold's Day
  Dates of Saint Leopold's Day in Austria
2025 Vienna Sat, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2024 Vienna Fri, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2023 Vienna Wed, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2022 Vienna Tue, Nov 15 Regional Holiday
2021 Vienna Mon, Nov 15 Regional Holiday

Commemorates the death of Leopold III, the Margrave (Prince) of Austria on November 15th 1136

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When is St. Leopold's Day?

This day is a public holiday in Vienna in Austria and is always celebrated on November 15th.

The holiday commemorates the death of Leopold III, the Margrave (Prince) of Austria on this day in 1136.

History of St. Leopold's Day

Leopold is remembered as the founder of several monasteries and a key figure in the development and growth of key cities such as Krems, Klosterneuburg and Vienna.

As a result of his efforts to establish monasteries in previously uninhabited regions in Austria, he was canonised by Pope Innocent VII in 1485, and November 15th was established as his feast day in the German liturgical calendar.

In 1663, he was declared patron saint of Austria under the rule of his namesake Emperor Leopold I.

He is buried in the abbey he established in Klosterneuburg. His skull is kept in an embroidered reliquary, which leaves his forehead exposed.

Did you know?

Since 1813 his feast day has been observed in the abbey with the ceremony known as Fasselrutschen ('the Slide of the Great Cask') which takes place in the wine cellar. Participants climb a narrow staircase that leads to the top of an enormous cask which was made in 1704 and holds 56,000 litres of wine. They then slide down its smooth side to a soft mat at its base. According to tradition, the faster the trip down, the better luck the person will have in the coming year!

St. Leopold’s Day may also be known as 'Gaense Tag' (Goose Day) as the traditional evening meal served on this day is a roast goose.

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