August Thursday around the world in 2022

August Thursday around the world in 2022
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  How long until August Thursday?
August Thursday
  Dates of August Thursday around the world
2023 AnguillaAug 10
Anguilla Thu, Aug 10National Holiday
2022 AnguillaAug 4
Anguilla Thu, Aug 4National Holiday
2021 AnguillaAug 5
Anguilla Thu, Aug 5National Holiday
2020 AnguillaAug 6
Anguilla Thu, Aug 6National Holiday
2019 AnguillaAug 8
Anguilla Thu, Aug 8National Holiday

The highlight of August Thursday is the boat race that starts from Meads Bay

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When is August Thursday?

August Thursday is a national holiday in this British Overseas Territory in the Caribbean on the Thursday after the first Monday in August.

This holiday takes place during the Anguilla Summer Festival, the last ten days of the Carnival.

History of August Thursday

Across most Caribbean islands, cricket is the national sport, with athletics becoming more prominent in recent years. Uniquely Anguilla's national sport is boat racing, easily surpassing cricket as the most popular pastime.

The popularity of the sport is said to have evolved from when Anguillans had to find work on other islands and would race each other home.

The boat racing season runs from May to August, climaxing during the Anguilla Summer Festival. The big event on August Thursday is the Meads Bay Boat Race.

The festival and carnival draw to a close on the Sunday after August Thursday, fittingly with another boat race, when the Champion of Champions boat race final is held.

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