Ascension Day around the world in 2025

  How long until Ascension Day?
Ascension Day
  Dates of Ascension Day around the world
2025 Various May 29
ArubaThu, May 29National Holiday
AustriaThu, May 29National Holiday
BelgiumThu, May 29National Holiday
BeninThu, May 29National Holiday
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaThu, May 29National Holiday
BotswanaThu, May 29National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, May 29National Holiday
BurundiThu, May 29National Holiday
CameroonThu, May 29National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, May 29National Holiday
ColombiaThu, May 29National Holiday (in lieu)
CongoThu, May 29National Holiday
CuraçaoThu, May 29National Holiday
DenmarkThu, May 29National Holiday
EswatiniThu, May 29National Holiday
Faroe IslandsThu, May 29National Holiday
FinlandThu, May 29National Holiday
FranceThu, May 29National Holiday
French GuianaThu, May 29National Holiday
French PolynesiaThu, May 29National Holiday
GabonThu, May 29National Holiday
GermanyThu, May 29National Holiday
GreenlandThu, May 29National Holiday
GuadeloupeThu, May 29National Holiday
IcelandThu, May 29National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 29National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, May 29National Holiday
LesothoThu, May 29National Holiday
LiechtensteinThu, May 29National Holiday
LuxembourgThu, May 29National Holiday
MadagascarThu, May 29National Holiday
MartiniqueThu, May 29National Holiday
MonacoThu, May 29National Holiday
NamibiaThu, May 29National Holiday
NetherlandsThu, May 29National Holiday
New CaledoniaThu, May 29National Holiday
NorwayThu, May 29National Holiday
Saint MartinThu, May 29National Holiday
SenegalThu, May 29National Holiday
Sint MaartenThu, May 29National Holiday
SwedenThu, May 29National Holiday
SwitzerlandThu, May 29National Holiday
TogoThu, May 29National Holiday
VanuatuThu, May 29National Holiday
VenezuelaThu, May 29Not A Public Holiday
Wallis and FutunaThu, May 29National Holiday
2024 Various May 9, May 10, May 13
ArubaThu, May 9National Holiday
AustriaThu, May 9National Holiday
BelgiumThu, May 9National Holiday
BeninThu, May 9National Holiday
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaThu, May 9National Holiday
BotswanaThu, May 9National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, May 9National Holiday
BurundiThu, May 9National Holiday
CameroonThu, May 9National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, May 9National Holiday
ColombiaMon, May 13National Holiday (in lieu)
CongoThu, May 9National Holiday
CuraçaoThu, May 9National Holiday
DenmarkThu, May 9National Holiday
EswatiniThu, May 9National Holiday
Faroe IslandsThu, May 9National Holiday
FinlandThu, May 9National Holiday
FranceThu, May 9National Holiday
French GuianaThu, May 9National Holiday
French PolynesiaThu, May 9National Holiday
GabonThu, May 9National Holiday
GermanyThu, May 9National Holiday
GreenlandThu, May 9National Holiday
GuadeloupeThu, May 9National Holiday
IcelandThu, May 9National Holiday
Indonesia May 9, May 10
IndonesiaFri, May 10National Holiday (additional day)
IndonesiaThu, May 9National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, May 9National Holiday
LesothoThu, May 9National Holiday
LiechtensteinThu, May 9National Holiday
LuxembourgThu, May 9National Holiday
MadagascarThu, May 9National Holiday
MartiniqueThu, May 9National Holiday
MonacoThu, May 9National Holiday
NamibiaThu, May 9National Holiday
NetherlandsThu, May 9National Holiday
New CaledoniaThu, May 9National Holiday
NorwayThu, May 9National Holiday
Saint MartinThu, May 9National Holiday
SenegalThu, May 9National Holiday
Sint MaartenThu, May 9National Holiday
SwedenThu, May 9National Holiday
SwitzerlandThu, May 9National Holiday
TogoThu, May 9National Holiday
VanuatuThu, May 9National Holiday
VenezuelaThu, May 9Not A Public Holiday
Wallis and FutunaThu, May 9National Holiday
2023 Various May 18, May 22
ArubaThu, May 18National Holiday
AustriaThu, May 18National Holiday
BelgiumThu, May 18National Holiday
BeninThu, May 18National Holiday
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaThu, May 18National Holiday
BotswanaThu, May 18National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, May 18National Holiday
BurundiThu, May 18National Holiday
CameroonThu, May 18National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, May 18National Holiday
ColombiaMon, May 22National Holiday (in lieu)
CongoThu, May 18National Holiday
CuraçaoThu, May 18National Holiday
DenmarkThu, May 18National Holiday
EswatiniThu, May 18National Holiday
Faroe IslandsThu, May 18National Holiday
FinlandThu, May 18National Holiday
FranceThu, May 18National Holiday
French GuianaThu, May 18National Holiday
French PolynesiaThu, May 18National Holiday
GabonThu, May 18National Holiday
GermanyThu, May 18National Holiday
GreenlandThu, May 18National Holiday
GuadeloupeThu, May 18National Holiday
IcelandThu, May 18National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 18National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, May 18National Holiday
LesothoThu, May 18National Holiday
LiechtensteinThu, May 18National Holiday
LuxembourgThu, May 18National Holiday
MadagascarThu, May 18National Holiday
MartiniqueThu, May 18National Holiday
MonacoThu, May 18National Holiday
NamibiaThu, May 18National Holiday
NetherlandsThu, May 18National Holiday
New CaledoniaThu, May 18National Holiday
NorwayThu, May 18National Holiday
Saint MartinThu, May 18National Holiday
SenegalThu, May 18National Holiday
Sint MaartenThu, May 18National Holiday
SwedenThu, May 18National Holiday
SwitzerlandThu, May 18National Holiday
TogoThu, May 18National Holiday
VanuatuThu, May 18National Holiday
VenezuelaThu, May 18Not A Public Holiday
Wallis and FutunaThu, May 18National Holiday
2022 Various May 26, May 30
ArubaThu, May 26National Holiday
AustriaThu, May 26National Holiday
BelgiumThu, May 26National Holiday
BeninThu, May 26National Holiday
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaThu, May 26National Holiday
BotswanaThu, May 26National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, May 26National Holiday
BurundiThu, May 26National Holiday
CameroonThu, May 26National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, May 26National Holiday
ColombiaMon, May 30National Holiday (in lieu)
CongoThu, May 26National Holiday
CuraçaoThu, May 26National Holiday
DenmarkThu, May 26National Holiday
EswatiniThu, May 26National Holiday
Faroe IslandsThu, May 26National Holiday
FinlandThu, May 26National Holiday
FranceThu, May 26National Holiday
French GuianaThu, May 26National Holiday
French PolynesiaThu, May 26National Holiday
GabonThu, May 26National Holiday
GermanyThu, May 26National Holiday
GreenlandThu, May 26National Holiday
GuadeloupeThu, May 26National Holiday
IcelandThu, May 26National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 26National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, May 26National Holiday
LesothoThu, May 26National Holiday
LiechtensteinThu, May 26National Holiday
LuxembourgThu, May 26National Holiday
MadagascarThu, May 26National Holiday
MartiniqueThu, May 26National Holiday
MonacoThu, May 26National Holiday
NamibiaThu, May 26National Holiday
NetherlandsThu, May 26National Holiday
New CaledoniaThu, May 26National Holiday
NorwayThu, May 26National Holiday
Saint BarthélemyThu, May 26National Holiday
Saint MartinThu, May 26National Holiday
SenegalThu, May 26National Holiday
Sint MaartenThu, May 26National Holiday
SwedenThu, May 26National Holiday
SwitzerlandThu, May 26National Holiday
TogoThu, May 26National Holiday
VanuatuThu, May 26National Holiday
VenezuelaThu, May 26Not A Public Holiday
Wallis and FutunaThu, May 26National Holiday
2021 Various May 13, May 17
ArubaThu, May 13National Holiday
AustriaThu, May 13National Holiday
BelgiumThu, May 13National Holiday
BeninThu, May 13National Holiday
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaThu, May 13National Holiday
BotswanaThu, May 13National Holiday
Burkina FasoThu, May 13National Holiday
BurundiThu, May 13National Holiday
CameroonThu, May 13National Holiday
Central African RepublicThu, May 13National Holiday
ColombiaMon, May 17National Holiday
CongoThu, May 13National Holiday
CuraçaoThu, May 13National Holiday
DenmarkThu, May 13National Holiday
EswatiniThu, May 13National Holiday
Faroe IslandsThu, May 13National Holiday
FinlandThu, May 13National Holiday
FranceThu, May 13National Holiday
French GuianaThu, May 13National Holiday
French PolynesiaThu, May 13National Holiday
GabonThu, May 13National Holiday
GermanyThu, May 13National Holiday
GreenlandThu, May 13National Holiday
GuadeloupeThu, May 13National Holiday
IcelandThu, May 13National Holiday
IndonesiaThu, May 13National Holiday
Ivory CoastThu, May 13National Holiday
LesothoThu, May 13National Holiday
LiechtensteinThu, May 13National Holiday
LuxembourgThu, May 13National Holiday
MadagascarThu, May 13National Holiday
MartiniqueThu, May 13National Holiday
MonacoThu, May 13National Holiday
NamibiaThu, May 13National Holiday
NetherlandsThu, May 13National Holiday
New CaledoniaThu, May 13National Holiday
NorwayThu, May 13National Holiday
Saint BarthélemyThu, May 13National Holiday
Saint MartinThu, May 13National Holiday
SenegalThu, May 13National Holiday
Sint MaartenThu, May 13National Holiday
SwedenThu, May 13National Holiday
SwitzerlandThu, May 13National Holiday
TogoThu, May 13National Holiday
VanuatuThu, May 13National Holiday
VenezuelaThu, May 13Not A Public Holiday
Wallis and FutunaThu, May 13National Holiday

This day observes the departure of Jesus from earth after his resurrection. It is perhaps the earliest observed celebration in Christianity.

  Which countries observe Ascension Day in 2025?

When is Ascension Day?

Ascension Day is the 40th day of Easter and commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven 39 days after resurrection on Easter Sunday. It may also be known as The Feast of the Ascension, The Ascension of Jesus, Ascension Thursday or Holy Thursday.

What is Ascension Day?

You will find the Biblical accounts of the Ascension in Matthew 28:16-20, Mark 16:19-20, Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:6-11.

During the forty-day period before he ascended into heaven, it is believed that Jesus preached and intermingled with his apostles and disciples.

According to tradition, Ascension Day was first celebrated in 68 AD, however the first written evidence of the Ascension Day Feast occurred in 385 AD.

Today, Ascension Day is celebrated primarily by Catholics and Anglican Christians. According to the Western Christianity methods of calculating the dates of Easter, the earliest possible date for Ascension Day is April 30, the latest possible date is June 3.

How is Ascension Day celebrated?

Ascension Day celebrations include the following:

The Easter (Paschal) candle is put out.

There may be processions with torches and banners and fruits and vegetables may be blessed in church.

In the Catholic Church, the Feast of Ascension is a holy day of obligation (sometimes called holydays) when the faithful are obliged to attend Mass.

Feast of the Ascension and Easter

Ten days after Ascension is Pentecost (Whitsuntide) which commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Pentecost ends the cycle of Easter related events in the Christian Calendar.

Did you know?

Germany also celebrates Father's Day (Vatertag) on the same date. This tradition dates back to the eighteenth century when prizes were awarded to fathers after Ascension Day parades in rural areas.

Ascension Day customs

An old English tradition is that if it is sunny on Ascension Day, it will be a warm summer; but if it rains, it will a poor harvest and livestock will suffer from disease.

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