National Army Day in Armenia in 2025

National Army Day in Armenia in 2025
A military parade is a key event on National Army Day
  How long until National Army Day?
National Army Day
  Dates of National Army Day in Armenia
2025 Armenia Tue, Jan 28 National Holiday
2024 Armenia Sun, Jan 28 National Holiday
2023 Armenia Sat, Jan 28 National Holiday
2022 Armenia Fri, Jan 28 National Holiday
2021 Armenia Thu, Jan 28 National Holiday

Marks the foundation of the Armenian Army formation on January 28th 1992

  Local name
Banaki or

When is Armenian National Army Day?

National Army Day in Armenia is a public holiday on January 28th.

Also known as Homeland Defender's Day, this non-working day commemorates the formation of the armed forces of the newly independent Republic of Armenia in 1992

History of National Army Day

In September 1991, a referendum for independence in Armenia ended nearly 70 years of Soviet rule.

By December 1991, the State Committee of Defense was established by the order of the President of the Republic of Armenia, Vazgen Sargsyan became the Minister of Defense.

The Armenian National Army was established on January 28th 1992, by decree of President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan.

Army Day was first observed in 2001, after the President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, signed Army Day into law as an official holiday.

Marking  Army Day in 2016, President Serzh Sargsyan reiterated the importance of the Armenian armed forces, saying " It’s been a quarter of a century that we have a free and independent statehood. Throughout this time, we never doubted that our twenty-five-year long journey would be possible without the Army which we created. The Armed Forces of Armenia became the cornerstone which was laid in the foundation of our statehood."

The day is marked by a military parade in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

An award ceremony also takes places to honour servicemen for their dedication, courage and outstanding service rendered in the course of their military duty.

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