National Holiday around the world in 2024

National Holiday around the world in 2024
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2022 ArgentinaSep 2
Argentina Fri, Sep 2National Holiday

A National Holiday following the attempted assassination of the Vice President.

Argentinean president, Alberto Fernández, has confirmed on national television that Friday September 2nd 2022 will be a holiday after the vice president was shot at the door of her apartment in Recoleta.

“I have arranged to declare tomorrow a national holiday so that, in peace and harmony, the Argentine people can express themselves in defense of life, democracy and solidarity with our Vice President. The Argentine people want to live in democracy and in peace and our government is firmly committed to working every day so that we can achieve it”, she expressed.

“This is a very serious event. The most serious since we have recovered our democracy,” said the president in a message that was transmitted through official channels on Thursday September 1st.

Police officers in Buenos Aires have detained Brazilian 35-year-old Fernando Sabak Montiel who on late Thursday night pointed a gun at Argentine vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, news agency Buenos Aires Times reported citing Argentine security minister Aníbal Fernández.

In videos that have now gone viral, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner could be seen arriving at her apartment in Buenos Aires’ Recoleta and meeting supporters when suddenly a hand appeared holding a gun on her face. He pulled the gun but it did not fire.

Investigators are trying to ascertain if Montiel attempted to fire the weapon or if it misfired, Buenos Aires Times reported. However, President Fernández said: “Cristina remains alive because, for a reason not yet technically confirmed, the gun, which had five bullets in it, did not fire despite having been triggered.”

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