May Day Revolution in Argentina in 2024

May Day Revolution in Argentina in 2024
  How long until May Day Revolution?
May Day Revolution
  Dates of May Day Revolution in Argentina
2025 Argentina Sun, May 25 National Holiday
2024 Argentina Sat, May 25 National Holiday
2023 May 25, May 26
ArgentinaFri, May 26National Holiday (bridge day)
ArgentinaThu, May 25National Holiday
2022 Argentina Wed, May 25 National Holiday
2021 May 24, May 25
ArgentinaTue, May 25National Holiday
ArgentinaMon, May 24National Holiday (bridge day)

Anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires

When is May Day Revolution?

Known as Día de la Revolución de Mayo, this holiday is always celebrated on May 25th, regardless of the day of the week.

Anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires. On May 25th 1810, a small revolution took place in Buenos Aires. This proved to be the first step towards independence.

History of May Day Revolution

In 1810, the weeklong revolutionary events ending on May 25th accelerated national sentiment that would eventually lead to the birth of the Argentine nation after four centuries of Spanish colonial rule. 

The May Revolution wasn't a so much of a revolution but more the evolution of a sequence of political and social events in Buenos Aires during the early part of the nineteenth century which led to the first local government not designated by the Spanish Crown in the region known as the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, which at the time contained the present-day nations of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Although the Revolution took place in Buenos Aires, one of the consequences was that the head of the Viceroyalty was ousted from office.

There was no great violence involved; the term "revolution" has been loosely applied by Argentine tradition to highlight the changing of their governmental system and distinguish the undisputed fact that after the May Revolution, Buenos Aires itself was no longer subservient to decisions taken by Spain in their name.

Traditions of May Day Revolution

This holiday is seen as the most patriotic holiday in Argentina and it is steeped in national traditions, with food fueling patriotic feelings. Bowls of locro — a thick stew of corn, meat, pumpkin and potatoes dating back to pre-Columbian civilizations in the Andes — are served up across the country. The recipe spread across the country during the War of Independence by gauchos, skilled and nomadic horsemen who would rise to the rank of national folk symbols. As a national dish of Argentina, these ingredients are chopped up and prepared for every national holiday.

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