Population Census around the world in 2024

Population Census around the world in 2024
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2022 ArgentinaMay 18
Argentina Wed, May 18National Holiday

A holiday has been declared to allow citizens to participate in the delayed national census.

The national government of Argentina has ordered that the National Census of Population, Households, and Housing be held on Wednesday May 18th 2022 and that the day will be a national holiday.

This was determined through decree 42/2022, published in the Official Gazette and signed by president Alberto Fernandez, the chief of staff, John Manzur; and the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman.

The census is known as "Censo Nacional de Población, Hogares y Viviendas". The previous census in 2010 was also declared as a non-working day.

This census was originally planned to take place in October 2020 but has been delayed by the pandemic. Initially, it was planned to be held in 2021, but this was delayed due to the need to hold mid-term elections in the country.

The census is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by Argentine governments. Every 10 years, the country comes to a standstill, with only essential services allowed to remain open. Throughout the day, an army of workers visit every home in the country, going door-to-door, questioning residents. The process is normally overseen by the INDEC national statistics bureau.

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