V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda in 2024

V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda in 2024
Sir Vere Cornwall Bird was the first National Hero of Antigua and Barbuda
  How long until V.C. Bird Day?
V.C. Bird Day
  Dates of V.C. Bird Day in Antigua and Barbuda
2025 Antigua and Barbuda Tue, Dec 9 National Holiday
2024 Antigua and Barbuda Mon, Dec 9 National Holiday
2023 Antigua and Barbuda Sat, Dec 9 National Holiday
2022 Antigua and Barbuda Fri, Dec 9 National Holiday
2021 Antigua and Barbuda Thu, Dec 9 National Holiday

V.C. Bird Day is a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda on December 9th. It is a day to honour and celebrate the contributions of Sir Vere Cornwell Bird to the nation.

When is V.C. Bird Day?

V.C. Bird Day is a public holiday in Antigua and Barbuda on December 9th. The holiday regulations state that the holiday is observed on this date and not moved to a Monday, should it fall on a weekend.

This day commemorates the contributions of Sir Vere Cornwell to the nation.

History of V.C. Bird Day

This holiday is observed on December 9th, marking the birthday of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird.

Sir Vere Cornwall Bird was born on December 9th 1910. He became the first prime minister of Antigua and is considered the father of the nation. He became the first recipient of the Order of the National Hero in 1994.

The holiday was instigated by Lester Bird, the son of Sir Vere, who replaced Sir Vere as prime minister in 1994.

After Lester Bird's Labour party was defeated in the 2004 elections by the United Progressive Party (UDP), V.C. Bird Day was renamed National Heroes Day and expanded to celebrate all the National Heroes, a custom common throughout the Caribbean.

In 2014, with the Labour party returning to power, the holiday was changed back to V.C. Bird Day, with the reasoning that Sir Vere had such an impact on the country that he deserves special recognition.

in 2014, it was announced that a separate day to celebrate all National Heroes would be created. The date of this day was set in 2016 as October 26th, but it is not a public holiday.

The name and focus of this holiday has become subject to political debate between the Labour Party and the UDP. Should the UDP regain power, it remains to be seen if they will once again rename the holiday. However, a public holiday on December 9th should at least stay in place.

As with other Public Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda, V.C. Bird Day is regulated by the Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 2005.

The National Heroes of Antigua and Barbuda

Since Sir Vere was made a National Hero, five more citizens have been made National Heroes.

In 2000, King Court Tackey, the leader of an 18th century slave revolt and Dame Ellen Georgian Nellie Robinson, a pioneer in education joined the list.

Sir Vivian Richards, one of the world's greatest cricket players became a National Hero in 2006, and was followed by Sir George Herbert Walter, a notable Antiguan politician in 2008.

The most recent addition came in 2014 when Sir Lester Bryant Bird, the second prime minister from 1994 - 2000 joined the list.

The day is marked by speeches and ceremonies honoring the accomplishments of the National Heroes.

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