National Heroes and Heroines Day in Anguilla in 2024

National Heroes and Heroines Day in Anguilla in 2024
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  How long until National Heroes and Heroines Day?
National Heroes and Heroines Day
  Dates of National Heroes and Heroines Day in Anguilla
2025 Anguilla Fri, Dec 19 National Holiday
2024 Anguilla Thu, Dec 19 National Holiday
2023 Anguilla Tue, Dec 19 National Holiday
2022 Anguilla Mon, Dec 19 National Holiday
2021 Anguilla Mon, Dec 20 National Holiday (in lieu)

Honours the past and present heroes and heroines of the 1967 Anguilla revolution

When is National Heroes and Heroines Day?

National Heroes and Heroines Day is a public holiday in Anguilla that is observed on 19th December.

It is a day to celebrate and remember all those who have made important contributions to the nation.

History of National Heroes and Heroines Day

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1962, Anguilla was joined to St. Kitts and Nevis as an associated statehood.

Resentment against this political decision grew, and in May 1967, the people of Anguilla marched on the Police Headquarters and evicted the Royal St. Kitts Police Force from the island.

On 19 December 1980 Anguilla fully seceded from the association. To mark this important event, a public holiday called Separation Day was established to celebrate the anniversary of political separation of Anguilla from the territory of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla.

In the years since, the Government of Anguilla renamed the holiday to National Heroes and Heroines Day. The holiday has now evolved into a general celebration of the people who have played an important role in the history of Anguilla and made significant sacrifices for the prosperity of this small but proud island nation.

The holiday also honours the 1967 Anguilla revolution and memorial services are held to for those involved. The services are accompanied by parades and music performances and the whole day is seen a time for joy rather than solemn remembrance.

This is a popular holiday falling before Christmas, a busy time for the island as many tourists arrive to catch some winter sun during the holidays.

A National Heroes Day is a common observance throughout the Caribbean, though Anguilla is the only country to mention the feminine version. However, the other countries don't need to feel ashamed - when talking about the plural of multiple heroes and heroines, heroes is an acceptable group term for both sexes.

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