Constitution Day in Anguilla in 2024

Constitution Day in Anguilla in 2024
  How long until Constitution Day?
Constitution Day
  Dates of Constitution Day in Anguilla
2025 Anguilla Fri, Aug 8 National Holiday
2024 Anguilla Fri, Aug 9 National Holiday
2023 Anguilla Fri, Aug 11 National Holiday
2022 Anguilla Fri, Aug 5 National Holiday
2021 Anguilla Fri, Aug 6 National Holiday

Last day of the Carnival is celebrated as Constitution Day even though Anguilla's constitution took effect on 1 April 1982

When is Anguillan Constitution Day?

Anguilla's Constitution Day is a public holiday on the Friday after the first Monday in August.

Although it celebrates the adoption of the constitution, it is observed as the last day of public holidays for the August Carnival in Anguilla.

History of Anguillan Constitution Day

The current constitution was adopted on April 1st 1982. This was a significant event in the country's history as Anguilla had recently become a parliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy, a situation which meant the constitution gained importance in the administration of national affairs. There have been several revisions to the constitution since 1982.

For most Anguillans and the tourists who flock to the island, this public holiday is more noted as marking the closure of the August Carnival.

The August Carnival is also called Anguilla Summer Festival and is the biggest holiday in Anguilla. All government buildings and most shops, grocery stores and even restaurants will be closed.

The main event of Constitution Day is the Grand Parade of Troupes when bands from all over the island converge in the second and last colourful and vibrant parade ('Road March') through the streets of The Valley, Anguilla's capital. The parade begins at noon and the various troupes are judged on their costumes and their performance, with the winning troupe announced in the evening.

Unlike some of the Caribbean carnivals, the parades in Anguilla are more relaxed affairs with everyone welcome to join the troupes in dancing through the streets.

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