Manu’a Cession Day in American Samoa in 2024

Manu’a Cession Day in American Samoa in 2024
Beach at Ofu, American Samoa. Image by Peter Craig , via National Park Service
  How long until Manu’a Cession Day?
Manu’a Cession Day
  Dates of Manu’a Cession Day in American Samoa
2025 American Samoa Wed, Jul 16 Public Holiday
2024 American Samoa Tue, Jul 16 Public Holiday
2023 Jul 16, Jul 17
American SamoaMon, Jul 17Public Holiday (in lieu)
American SamoaSun, Jul 16Public Holiday
2022 Jul 15, Jul 16
American SamoaSat, Jul 16Public Holiday
American SamoaFri, Jul 15Public Holiday (in lieu)
2021 American Samoa Fri, Jul 16 Public Holiday

Marks the day in 1904 when the three Manuʻa Islands joined the US Protectorate of American Samoa

When is Manu'a Cession Day?

Manu'a Cession Day is a public holiday in American Samoa on July 16th each year.

This holiday commemorates the islands of Manu'a joining American Samoa on this day in 1904.

History of Manu'a Cession Day

The Samoan Islands are an archipelago that covers just over 3,000 km2 (1,170 sq mi) in the central South Pacific. In the late 19th century, Germany and the United States agreed on the partition of the islands, with the western half coming under German control, with the eastern islands becoming American Samoa, an unincorporated territory of the United States on April 17th 1900. At that time the High Chiefs of Manu’a did not wish to cede their group of islands and opted out of the agreement.

Four years later in 1904, Tui Manu’a Elisara, the King of Manu’a, signed a Deed of Succession swearing allegiance to the United States and ceding the Manu’a Islands as a protectorate of the United States.

Since then, July 16th has been observed as Manu’a Cession Day, although it was not made a public holiday until 1983 when the first official celebration was held in the Manu’a Islands with a church service, parade, and cultural activities. 

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