Independence Day in Algeria in 2024

Independence Day in Algeria in 2024
  How long until Independence Day?
Independence Day
  Dates of Independence Day in Algeria
2025 Algeria Sat, Jul 5 National Holiday
2024 Algeria Fri, Jul 5 National Holiday
2023 Algeria Wed, Jul 5 National Holiday
2022 Algeria Tue, Jul 5 National Holiday
2021 Algeria Mon, Jul 5 National Holiday

Marks Independence from France in 1962

When is Algerian Independence Day?

This national holiday is celebrated on July 5th each year.

The holiday was established to celebrate the anniversary of Algeria's independence from France on July 5th 1962. 

History of Algerian Independence Day

From the start of the sixteenth century, Algeria had been under partial rule of the Ottoman Empire. In 1830, the country was invaded by France. The conquest of Algeria was a long and bloody affair, and unusually for French foreign territories, Algeria's status was that it was treated as being part of France rather than as a colony.

Emigration from Europe to Algeria was encouraged by the French, with tribal lands confiscated by the French government and Europeans even becoming the majority of the population in some cities like Algiers.

In the middle of the twentieth century, local resentment to the presence of France by the local Muslim population led to the uprising known as the 'Red (bloody) All Saints' Day' (French: Toussaint Rouge).

The uprising marked the beginning of the Algerian War of Independence. While France won significant military victories in the conflict, the brutality of the war further alienated the Algerians and resulted in a loss of support for France's control of Algeria, both in France and abroad.

This change in attitude directly led to France and the Algerian forces signing the Évian Accords in March 1962. As a result of which, Independence was granted to Algeria on July 5th 1962 following overwhelming support in referendums for Algerian independence in France and Algeria.

Algerian Independence Day was designated a national holiday two days after sovereignty was secured in 1962.

How is Algerian Independence Day Celebrated?

The nation’s green and white flag is proudly flown across the country as a symbol of freedom on this day. Algerians will attend official annual parades, concerts, and cultural events. These celebrations reflect a strong sense of cultural perseverance that is believed by many to have been a key factor in securing the nation’s independence. 

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