Maltese Public Holiday Pay Rules

Holiday pay rates in Malta

Since 2006 no public holiday falling on a day of rest shall be added to the employee’s leave entitlement.

Full-timers holidays entitlement calculation

Full-time employees are entitled to a day off from work on full pay when a public holiday does not fall on their day of rest.

Part-timers holiday entitlement calculation

Part-Time employees working less than 40 hours a week, are entitled to a pro rata calculation of the Full-Time employees’ entitlement. This is calculated by establishing the weekly number of hours of work based on the average number of hours of work spread over successive 13 week periods, commencing on the 1st January of each calendar year.

Part-time employees who have not been in employment for a period of 13 weeks the average weekly number of hours of work shall be calculated over the number of weeks in employment.

Public Holidays in Malta for 2024


While every care is taken that the information above is correct, it is provided only as background information and companies should look to government advice if unsure about rules and laws relating to holiday pay and absence.

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