Holiday Guide for Finland in 2019

Finland 2019

Finland information

Population: 5.49m
Capital: Oslo
Calling Code: (358)
Time Zone: +2 UTC
Currency: Euro
Language: Finnish

Weather in Oslo

Summary: Overcast throughout the day.
Temperature: 5.15°c
Wind speed: 7kph
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Finland List of National Holidays in Finland in 2019

New Year's Day

New Year's Day (Uudenvuodenpäivä)

Finland: New Year's Day is a public holiday in all countries that observe the Gregorian calendar, with the exception of Israel


Epiphany (Loppiainen)

Finland: A major Christian celebration. Epiphany commemorates the presentation of the infant Jesus to the wise men

Good Friday

 Long Weekend! 
Good Friday (Pitkäperjantai)

Finland: Good Friday occurs on the Friday before Easter. The day commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Second Easter Day

 Long Weekend! 
Second Easter Day (2. pääsiäispäivä)

Finland: Easter is probably the most important holiday of the Christian year, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus


Vappu (Vappu)

Finland: Vappu gets its name from St. Walpurgis, an 8th century saint who was canonised on 1 May 870 AD

Ascension Day

Ascension Day (Helatorstai)

Finland: Commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven thirty nine days after his crucifixion

Midsummer Eve

 Long Weekend! 
Midsummer Eve (Midsommarafton)

Finland: Celebrated on the Friday falling between 19 and 25 June. The actual date of Midsummer's Eve may vary between the 19 and 20 June

Midsummer Day

Midsummer Day (Juhannuspäivä)

Finland: Midsummer in Finland was originally a pagan festival that celebrates the longest day of the year

All Saints' Day

All Saints' Day (Pyhäinpäivä)

Finland: Pope Boniface IV dedicated the day as a holiday to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary and all martyrs

Independence Day

 Long Weekend! 
Independence Day (Itsenäisyyspäivä)

Finland: Celebrates Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Empire in 1917

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve (Jouluaatto)

Finland: Celebrated with a holy supper of twelve dishes representing the twelve apostles.

Christmas Day

Christmas Day (Joulupäivä)

Finland: Christmas celebrates the Nativity of Jesus which according to tradition took place on December 25th 1 BC

Second Day of Christmas

Second Day of Christmas (2. joulupäivä)

Finland: Several countries and regions around the world extend their public holidays for Christmas beyond 25th December


  • Holidays are observed on their calendar date.
  • If the date of a holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the holiday will not be moved to a weekday.