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Public and national holidays in Sri Lanka National Holiday in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan National Day is  celebrated  on 4 February

When is Sri Lankan National Day?

How long until National Day?
This holiday next takes place in 258 Days.
Dates of National Day
Year Weekday Date
2020 Tuesday February 4th
2019 Monday February 4th
2018 Sunday February 4th
2017 Saturday February 4th
2016 Thursday February 4th
2015 Wednesday February 4th
1 Day
Marks independence from British rule on 4 February 1948

This holiday is always celebrated on 4 February.

Also known as Independence Day, it is Sri Lanka's National Day.

The holiday primarily celebrates Sri Lanka's independence from British rule on 4 February 1948, but is a day to remember Sri Lanka's struggle for independence from various regimes.

History of Sri Lankan National Day

When Europeans first started arriving in the region for trade and imperial expansion, Sri Lanka was an attractive acquisition given its location and geography.

The Portuguese were the first to make a serious attempt at colonisation in the 16th century. About a century later, the island was coveted by the Dutch, leading to clashes between the Portuguese and Dutch.

Eventually, given their power base in the region and fearing the island could fall under French control, the British took control of the coastal areas in 1796, naming it Ceylon. By 1815 they were the first colonial power to control the whole island.

On 4 February 1948, British Ceylon was granted independence as Ceylon and became a dominion within the British Empire. Don Stephen Senanayake became its first Prime Minister. 

In 1972 Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka, and became a republic within the commonwealth..

How is Sri Lankan National Day Celebrated?

Sri Lankan National Day is celebrated with official ceremonies, and military parades. The main celebrations take place in the largest city, Colombo, where the President hoists the national flag and delivers a speech which is nationally televised.

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