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When is the Battle of Angamos holiday?

How long until Battle of Angamos?
This holiday next takes place in 79 Days.
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Dates of Battle of Angamos
Year Weekday Date
2019 Tuesday October 8th
2018 Monday October 8th
2017 Sunday October 8th
2016 Saturday October 8th

This holiday is always celebrated on 8 October and marks the commemoration of a naval battle with Chile that took place in 1879.

History of the Battle of Angamos holiday

The Battle of Angamos (Combate naval de Angamos) was a naval battle fought on 8 October 1879, during the War of the Pacific (1879-1883). Also known as the Saltpeter War, the war began as a dispute between Chile and Bolivia over control of the Atacama Desert a region rich in valuable minerals. Peru became involved when Bolivia declared war on Chile and invoked Peru to fight on their side as part of a secret mutual agreement.

The Battle of Angamos took place off the coast of what was then Bolivia (the area is now part of present day Chile), between the Chilean navy and the Peruvian navy.

The Chilean Navy, under the command of Captains Galvarino Riveros and Juan Jose Latorre surrounded and captured the ironclad steam-propelled warship Huáscar. The captain of the Huáscar was Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, who was killed by the Chileans.

The defeat in the battle was seen as key turning point in the war and the Peruvian forces were unable to prevent the subsequent invasions into its territory by Chile.

Admiral Grau is considered a hero in Peru and today many streets, parks and other landmarks are named in honour of him and his warship.

After its capture, the Huascar was repaired and became part of the Chilean navy until its decommission several years later. Today it is the world’s second-oldest surviving ironclad warship, and now sits as a floating museum in the Chilean port of Talcahuano.

How is the Battle of Angamos holiday celebrated?

8 October is a national holiday in Peru to mark the heroism of the Peruvian navy is the Battle of Angamos. Military and civil parades are held across Peru to honour Admiral Miguel Grau and his role in the Battle of Angamos.

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