National Holidays in Namibia in 2020

Namibia When are the next National holidays in Namibia?

Namibia Upcoming Holidays

Namibia List of Holidays in Namibia in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day
Saturday Independence Day
Friday Good Friday
Monday Easter Monday
Friday Worker's Day International Workers' Day
Monday Cassinga Day
Thursday Ascension Day 40 days after Easter
Monday Africa Day
Wednesday Heroes Day
Thursday International Human Rights Day
Friday Christmas Day
Saturday Day of Goodwill


  • Namibia's Public Holidays Act, Act 26 of 1990 provides for 12 public holidays annually.
  • If a public holiday falls on a Sunday the following Monday will be a public holiday, unless the Monday is already a public holiday.
  • The President may declare any day in a particular year as a public holiday by proclamation in the Government Gazette.

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