Public Holidays in Morocco in 2017

Morocco List of national public holidays of Morocco in 2017

Day Date Holiday Comments
Sunday January 01 New Years Day
Wednesday January 11 Proclamation of Independence Anniversary of the Independence Manifesto of 1944
Monday May 01 Labor Day
Monday June 26 Eid Sghir The end of Ramadan
Tuesday June 27 Eid Sghir Holiday Government only
Sunday July 30 Enthronement King Mohammed VI's coronation in 1999
Monday August 14 Oued Ed-Dahab Day Allegiance Day
Sunday August 20 Revolution Day Marks King Mohammed V's exile in 1953
Monday August 21 Youth Day Birthday of King Mohammed VI
Friday September 01 Eid Kbir Eid Al-Adha. Date varies on Lunar cycle
Saturday September 02 Eid Kbir Banks and Government only
Friday September 22 Fatih Muharram Islamic New Year
Monday November 06 Green March Day 1975 demonstrations over Province of Sahara
Saturday November 18 Independence Day National Day. Independence from France and Spain in 1956
Friday December 01 Eid Al Mawled


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  • Weekend is Saturday and Sunday
  • If a holiday falls on a weekend, it is generally not moved to a weekday

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