Birthday of Benito Juárez

 Mexico National Holiday in Mexico

Benito Juarez

When is Birthday of Benito Juárez Day?

How long until Benito Juarezs Birthday?
This holiday next takes place in 97 Days.
Dates of Benito Juarezs Birthday
Year Weekday Date
2019 Monday March 18th
2018 Monday March 19th
2017 Monday March 20th
2016 Monday March 21st
1 Day
Local name
Natalicio de Benito Juárez
A public holiday that celebrates the Birthday of Benito Juarez, a 19th century president and statesman who stood against the French intervention in Mexico

This national holiday is celebrated in Mexico on the third Monday in March, as enshrined in Article 74 of the Mexican labour law.

This public holiday celebrates the Birthday of Benito Juárez, a 19th century president and statesman who stood against the French intervention in Mexico.

History of Birthday of Benito Juárez Day

Born on 21 March 1806, Benito Juárez is today remembered as a reformer dedicated to democracy, reducing the influence of the Catholic Church in Mexican politics, campaigning for equal rights for indigenous peoples and promoting the defence of national sovereignty.

He became the 26th President of Mexico, holding office from 15 January 1858 until 18 July 1872.

Benito Juárez lived during one of the most important and tumultuous periods of Mexican history, considered by many historians as the consolidation of the nation as a republic. Juárez marked a watershed in the nation's history, being a premier figure in this time.

Indeed, the period of his leadership is known in Mexican history as 'La Reforma' (the reform), and marked a political and social revolution with major constitutional consequences.

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