Kharchi Puja 2019

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Kharch Puja is a public holiday in Tripura, India, usually celebrated in July

When is Kharchi Puja?

How long until Kharchi Puja?
This holiday next takes place in 47 Days.
Dates of Kharchi Puja
Year Weekday Date
2020 Monday
2019 Wednesday
2018 Friday
2017 Saturday
2016 Tuesday
2015 Friday
1 Day
Tripura only. A festival to worship the cleansing of the earth and honour 14 gods
Related holiday
Ker Puja

Kharchi Puja is an important festival celebrated in the Indian state of Tripura.

The holiday is observed on the Shukla Paksha Ashtami (eighth lunar day) day in the month of Ashad, which usually means it takes place in July.

Traditions of Kharchi Puja

The festival lasts for seven days and 14 gods are worshipped at the Chaturdasha temple near Old Agartala. The 14 deities are known as the Chaturdasha Devata and are Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Kartikeya, Ganesha, Earth, Ganga, Agni, Kama, Himavan and Varuna.

On Kharchi Puja, the gods are taken out from the temple and carried to be washed in holy water from a stream then taken back to the temple.

Kharchi is derived from ‘khya’ which means ‘earth’ and the festival marks the cleansing of Ama Pechi which is the female cycle of the earth godess. During the festival no ploughing, furrowing or tending to the soil is done to give it time to cleanse.

Despite the weeklong festival, the public holiday observed is only on one day. The festival of Ker Puja takes place in Tripura two weeks after Kharchi Puja.

Apart from the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna and His incarnations, there are 330 million (33 crore in Hindi numerals) celestial beings.

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