Key cities by Province and Territory in Canada

Information on regions and cities in Canada

Canada is comprised of ten provinces and three territories. There are only four key national holidays observed by all regions.

Using the table below you can see which is the main city in each province or territory and click the region or city name to see the public holidays observed in that region or city.

Region City Comments
Alberta Calgary Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria
British Columbia Vancouver British Columbia is the westernmost of Canada's 10 provinces.
Manitoba Winnipeg Winnipeg is the capital and the largest city, accounting for over half of the province's population in its metropolitan area
New Brunswick Fredericton New Brunswick is Canada's only officially bilingual province
Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's
Northwest Territories Yellowknife
Nova Scotia Halifax Located almost exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole
Nunavut Iqaluit Canada's newest territory, created on 1 April 1999
Ontario Toronto Home to Canada's capital city, Ottawa, and the populous city, Toronto
Prince Edward Island Charlottetown The island was named Prince Edward in 1799 in honour of Queen Victoria's father - Edward, Duke of Kent
Quebec Montreal Quebec is Canada's largest province by area
Saskatchewan Saskatoon Saskatchewan is the only Canadian province with entirely man-made boundaries
Yukon Whitehorse Whitehorse is the territorial capital and Yukon's only city

About Public Holidays in Canada

  • In Canada, public holidays are known as statutory holidays

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