National Holidays in Cambodia in 2020

Coronavirus: Travel status Also from March 30, all foreigners must have a medical certificate issued no more than 72 hours prior to the date of travel, certifying that they have not tested positive for COVID-19 and have proof of an insurance policy with minimum medical coverage of $50,000.  Cambodia Travel Guide
Coronavirus: Business status Cambodia has postponed the Khmer New Year public holidays scheduled for April 13 - 15. Replacement holidays will be announced later in the year.

Cambodia is a country in southeast Asia. It is a constitutional monarchy with Buddhism being the dominant religion. This is reflected in its public holidays with many being focused on the monarchy or Buddhism.

Cambodia When are the next National holidays in Cambodia?

Cambodia Upcoming Holidays

Cambodia List of Holidays in Cambodia in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day National Holiday
Tuesday Victory over Genocide Day National Holiday
Sunday International Women's Day National Holiday
Friday International Labour Day National Holiday International Workers' Day
Wednesday Visak Bochea Day National Holiday Birth of Buddha
Sunday Royal Plowing Ceremony National Holiday
Thursday King's Birthday National Holiday
Thursday King's Mothers' Birthday National Holiday
Wednesday Ancestors' Day National Holiday
Thursday Ancestors' Day Holiday National Holiday
Friday Ancestors' Day Holiday National Holiday
Thursday Constitutional Day National Holiday
Thursday Commemoration Day of King's Father National Holiday
Thursday King's Coronation Day National Holiday
Friday Water Festival Ceremony National Holiday
Saturday Water Festival Ceremony Holiday National Holiday
Sunday Water Festival Ceremony Holiday National Holiday
Monday Independence Day National Holiday


  • For any public holiday that falls on a Sunday, workers and employees shall be given one more day off on the following day.
  • Several of the Public Holidays in Cambodia are lunar-based. The dates shown above for future years are based on the lunar calendar. When an official announcement on the dates is made, the dates on these calendars will be updated as necessary.

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