Public Holidays in British Virgin Islands in 2020

Coronavirus: Travel status The British overseas territory will reopen its borders in June for returning residents and citizens who will each be subject to a 14-day quarantine.  British Virgin Islands Coronavirus Travel Guide

British Virgin Islands When are the next Public holidays in British Virgin Islands?

British Virgin Islands Upcoming Holidays

British Virgin Islands List of Holidays in British Virgin Islands in 2020

Day Date Holiday Name Type Comments
Wednesday New Year's Day Public Holiday
Monday Hamilton Lavity Stoutt's Birthday Public Holiday
Monday Commonwealth Day Public Holiday Second Monday in March
Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
Monday Whit Monday Public Holiday 7th Monday after Easter
Friday Sovereign’s Birthday Public Holiday Usually on Monday after second Saturday in June
Monday Territory Day Public Holiday
Monday Festival Monday Public Holiday
Tuesday Festival Tuesday Public Holiday
Wednesday Festival Wednesday Public Holiday
Friday St. Ursula's Day Public Holiday
Friday Christmas Day Public Holiday
Monday Boxing Day (in lieu) Public Holiday


  • Public holidays are approved by the Cabinet, acting in accordance with Section 5 (b) of the Public Holidays Act (Cap 199).

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