Day Guide for Tuesday April 2nd 2024 What are the holidays on April 2nd 2024?

This is our day guide for Tuesday April 2nd 2024 which shows you at a glance what's happening on this day around the world. Using the calendar on this page, you can look at a day guide for any day. Why not look up your birthday to see which holidays you share it with?

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General Information for April 2nd 2024
There are 3 public holidays today.
Day 93 of 2024
273 days left in 2024
Week 14 of the year
On this Day in History
1985 - The first male voice of the Speaking Clock is heard.
1982 - Argentina invades The Falkland Islands.
1970 - Phil Spector finishes work on the Beatles' album Let It Be. 34 years later, Paul McCartney removes Spector's contributions from the recordings and releases Let it Be... Naked.
1874 - Two Native Americans find 'white man's flesh' outside an Agency building, thus starting the search for Alfred Packer - the Colorado Cannibal.