Day Guide for Saturday April 15th 2023 What are the holidays on April 15th 2023?

This is our day guide for Saturday April 15th 2023 which shows you at a glance what's happening on this day around the world. Using the calendar on this page, you can look at a day guide for any day. Why not look up your birthday to see which holidays you share it with?

Holidays on April 15th 2023

International: Great Saturday

Orthodox Holy Saturday takes place on the Day before Orthodox Easter.


Bolivia (regional): Public Holiday

The city of Tarija commemorates the Batalla de la Tablada which was fought on April 15th 1817.

Cambodia: Khmer New Year Holiday

Second day of Cambodian New Year. Known as Virak Wanabat, it is a time to think of the less fortunate in society


India (regional): Vishu

Vishu is celebrated with much fanfare and energy in all parts of Kerala. It is considered a festival of light and fireworks


India (regional): Bengali New Year

Mughal Emperor Akbar introduced the Bengali calendar in 1556 (Gregorian calendar) to make the collection of land tax easier in 'Subah Bangla', much of which is now in Bangladesh.


India (regional): Bohag Bihu

Second day of holidays for the Assamese New Year


India (regional): Himachal Day

Himachal Pradesh only. The province of Himachal Pradesh was created on April 15th 1948

Lao: Lao New Year Holiday

Second day of holidays to mark the Lao New Year


Malaysia (regional): Declaration of Malacca as a Historical City

Malacca City was declared as a UNESCO Historic City on April 15th 1989.

Myanmar: Thingyan Holiday

Third day of the Water Festival before Burmese New Year

North Korea: Birth Date of Kim Il Sung

Kim Il-sung was born on April 15th 1912 and was the leader of North Korea from its establishment in 1948 until his death in 1994

Thailand: Songkran

Festivities continue on the third day of the holidays to celebrate traditional Thai New Year

Observances on April 15th 2023

USA: National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Though this delicious treat appears on many dinner tables at Christmas, it is also an Easter favorite, which is why we celebrate it in the middle of April.

USA: National Rubber Eraser Day

No, it's not a mistake, it really is National Eraser Day.

USA: National Take a Wild Guess Day

Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Take a Wild Guess Day

USA: National Titanic Remembrance Day

Arguably, the most famous ever ship sank this day in 1912.

International: World Art Day

Find out the dates, history and traditions of World Art Day

Kazakhstan: National Lovers’ Day

In Kazakhstan, this day has overtaken Valentine's Day as the day to celebrate love.

USA: National ASL Day

National ASL Day is a day of observance celebrating American Sign Language.

USA: National Record Store Day

Find out the dates, history and traditions of National Record Store Day

International: World Circus Day

World Circus Day is the most important joint, international celebration of circus arts by the global circus community.

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General Information for April 15th 2023
There are 12 public holidays today.
Day 105 of 2023
260 days left in 2023
Week 15 of the year
On this Day in History
1972 - Hanoi and Haiphong Harbour are bombed by the United States during the Vietnam war.
1865 - Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot the previous day.
1814 - Medora Leigh - thought to have been the incestuous lovechild of Lord Byron and Augusta - is born.
1452 - Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci is born (d. 1519).