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National Days around the world in the next 30 days

SaturdayNov 25 Country Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Republic Day: 1st session of the Council of National Liberation in 1943
SaturdayNov 25 Country Suriname Independence Day: Independence from the Netherlands in 1975
TuesdayNov 28 Country Albania Independence Day: Dita e Pavarësisë. Declaration of independence from Ottoman rule in 1912
TuesdayNov 28 Country Mauritania Independence Day: Independence from France in 1960
ThursdayNov 30 Country Barbados Independence Day: Independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
ThursdayNov 30 Country Scotland St. Andrews Day: Patron saint of Scotland, now a bank holiday in Scotland
FridayDec 01 Country Central African Republic National Day: Proclamation of the Republic in 1958
FridayDec 01 Country Maldives Qaumee Dhuvas: Celebrates the victory over the Portuguese occupation in 1573
FridayDec 01 Country Romania Great Union Day: unification with Transylvania
SaturdayDec 02 Country Laos National Day: Peoples republic declared 1975
SaturdayDec 02 Country United Arab Emirates National Day: Formation of federation of seven emirates on independence from the UK in 1971
TuesdayDec 05 Country Thailand HM The Kings Birthday: Dec 5 or following Mon if it falls on a weekend. Birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyade
WednesdayDec 06 Country Finland Independence Day: Declaration of independence from Russia 1917
SaturdayDec 09 Country Tanzania Independence Day: Independence from the UK in 1961 of Tanganyika
TuesdayDec 12 Country Kenya Jamhuri Day: Marks the date of Kenya's establishment as a republic on 12 December, 1964
WednesdayDec 13 Country Saint Lucia National Day: Saint Lucia is the Patron Saint of Saint Lucia
SaturdayDec 16 Country Bahrain National Day: Accession Day for the late Amir Sh. Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa
SaturdayDec 16 Country Kazakhstan Independence Day: Declared sovereign republic within the USSR in 1990
SundayDec 17 Country Bhutan National Day: Ugyen Wangchuck elected hereditary king in 1907
MondayDec 18 Country Niger Republic Day: Autonomous state within the French Community from 1958
MondayDec 18 Country Qatar Qatar National Day: The assumption of power of Sheikh Jassem bin Mohamed al-Thani in 1878
WednesdayDec 20 Country Macau Macau Special Administrative Region Establishment Day: Transfer of sovereignty to the PRC in 1999


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