Mothering Sunday

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Mothering Sunday

When is Mothering Sunday?

Year Date
2018 March 11th
2017 March 26th
2016 March 6th
2015 March 15th

Mother's Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom and Ireland on the fourth Sunday in Lent. It is not a national holiday.

Most people today equate Mothering Sunday with the traditions of the American Mother's Day.

In actual fact, Mothering Sunday has nothing to do with anything maternal.

On the fourth sunday in Lent, from about the sixteenth century, it had been a tradition for families to attend a church service in the nearest important church or cathedral - their 'Mother' church.

Attending the service together was a rare occasion for families to gather as one and members of the family who worked on that day were often given the day off, so they too could attend the service.

As time went by, servants and apprentices were still given the day off, but instead of going to the 'mother' church, they would have used the day off to spend time with their families and indeed their mothers.

So, if you have forgotten to get your mother a gift this Mother's day, don't worry - just tell her the true non-mother related origin of the day - I'm sure she will understand...

Nowadays, Mother's Day is a celebration of the role of the mother, similar to the American tradition, and children will give their Mother's a card and gift; younger children making their mother breakfast is a common activity.

The fourth sunday in some traditions was known as the 'sunday of the five loaves', as it was supposedly the day on which the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand took place.

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