August Bank Holiday

UK Regional holiday observed in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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When is the August Bank Holiday in England,
Wales and Northern Ireland?
Year Date
2018 August 27th
2017 August 28th
2016 August 29th
2015 August 31st
2014 August 25th

This is a bank holiday observed on the last Monday in August in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In Scotland, it is observed on the first Monday in August.

Unlike the Spring bank holidays, the August holiday does not represent a modern version of any older religious festival.

Maybe Sir John Lubbock did choose it in 1871 to coincide with a key cricket match, but more likely the date holiday in August was selected to give workers a last chance to enjoy the summer, before the long period without holidays up to Christmas.

The holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland was moved to the last Monday in August in 1971 following a a successful trial that began in 1965. Scotland kept the original date.

The change to the end of August had been suggested for many years as the early August holiday almost always clashed with the traditional summer two week shut down of the major industries that started in the last week of July.

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