Prešeren Day

Slovenia Public Holiday in Slovenia

The first depiction of the Slovene poet France Prešeren and the only one created from memory of his true appearance.

When is Prešeren Day?

This public holiday is always celebrated on 8 February.

Its full title is Prešeren Day, the Slovene Cultural Holiday. In Slovenian, it is known as 'Prešernov dan, slovenski kulturni praznik'.

History of Prešeren Day

This holiday commemorates the death of France Prešeren (1800 - 1849), a Slovene poet who is regarded as the greatest Slovene classical author. The day also serves as a time to reflect on all Sloven cultural achievements.

Prešeren was noted for his sonnets and his poem Zdravljica (A Toast) was adopted as Slovenia's national anthem.

During World war II, Slovene artists had been repressed and were forbidden from expressing themselves while Slovenia was occupied. This led to the anniversary of Prešeren's death becoming a focal point for remembering Slovenian culture. After the end of the war, the day was first proclaimed as a cultural holiday in 1945.

It was a public holiday during the era of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia within the SFR Yugoslavia, but was declared a work-free holiday only in 1991.

How is Prešeren Day Celebrated?

Prešeren Day is marked with cultural festivals and remembrance services and school excursions to culturally significant institutions.

Prešeren Awards

Since 1947, on 7 February each year, the Prešeren Awards have been held. These awards which recognise cultural achievements is given to two recipients. They are the highest decorations in the field of artistic contribution in Slovenia.

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