Restoration of Independence Day

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This holiday is celebrated on 4 May. If the day is on the weekend, then the following Monday is a holiday.

This day may aslo be called the 'Declaration of Independence Day' and is known locally as 'Latvijas Republikas Neatkarības atjaunošanas diena'' and commemorates Latvia's independence from the USSR in 1990.

History of the Restoration of Independence Day

The main Independence Day holiday in Latvia celebrates the independence of Latvia from German and Russian occupation on November 18, 1918 after the end of the First World War.

On 17 June 1940, during the Second World war, Latvia was occupied by forces from the Soviet Union and became part of the USSR.

Like the other Baltic republics, full independence from Soviet Russia occurred on 21 August 1991. The restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia was proclaimed on 4 May 1990.

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