May Bank Holiday

Ireland National holiday in Ireland


When is the May Bank Holiday in Ireland?

Year Date
2018 May 7th
2017 May 1st
2016 May 2nd
2015 May 4th

Having a holiday on the First Monday in May was only legislated in Ireland in 1993 and became a holiday on 4 May 1994.

The Holiday is nowadays related to the International Worker's Day celebrated around the world on 1 May each year.

However, the idea of a holiday at the start of May predates any labour movement inspired event, and the traditional May Day celebrations owe a debt to the Gaelic festival of Beltane. Indeed this holiday is still called 'Lá Bealtaine' in Irish Gaelic.

Beltane was considered the last day of winter and was a celebration of the beginning of summer. So in a way, this modern holiday completes the circle back to the culture that first inspired it.

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